How to Tell Your Heating and Cooling Service Provider What Sound Your System is Making

Heating and cooling systems all have a certain set of sounds that they constantly make, but they should not be disruptive or really even audible. If your system is making unusual sounds, it normally means that it needs heating and cooling service.

Take note of the sounds you’re hearing, turn off your system and call in professionals like Anderson Heating & A/C. You might find that your system simply has a broken part, but it could also indicate that it needs a larger repair. Knowing how to describe the sounds your system is making might help the heating and cooling service technician understand the issue.

Here are a few of the more normal sounds that show a need for heating and cooling service and their potential causes:

  • Rattling, banging, clanking or thumping—while rattling typically indicates a loose part, louder banging or thumping sounds could mean a piece of your heating and cooling system has completely broken or become detached.
  • Repetitive clicking—If you listen carefully, you can hear a clicking sound when your heating and cooling system turns on and off. This is normal. However, if you’re hearing this sound over and over, you potentially need a heating and cooling service appointment to identify if it’s an issue with the system’s relay or its electrical control.

You can prevent some of these noises from ever showing up by scheduling normal maintenance appointments with Anderson Heating & A/C. We can find and repair a number of problems before they become bigger. Just give us a call at 775-230-7628 to make your appointment.

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