How Often Should You Expect to Get Air Conditioning Service Done?

Having regular air conditioning service performed at least yearly can help lengthen the life of your air conditioner and keep it operating at its highest efficiency. Before we get to the warmest days of the Carson City summertime, have the experts at Anderson Heating & A/C perform your yearly air conditioning service.

Certain tasks should always be done during a usual air conditioning service appointment. According to, your expert should always:

  • Inspect for the correct amount of refrigerant, and if needed, look for refrigerant leaks with a leak detector.
  • If a refrigerant evacuation is necessary, recover any refrigerant that must be cleared from the system, as opposed to illegally discharging it to the atmosphere.
  • Check for correct airflow throughout the system.
  • Check the correct electric control sequence to ensure proper sequence of operation.
  • Review electric terminals, clean and stiffen connections.
  • Inspect the precision of the thermostat.

When it comes to DIY air conditioning service, swapping out or cleaning your air filters regularly is essential. That’s because nothing else that easy can help make sure that your air conditioner continues to run at top efficiency. Besides when the air filter is cleaned or changed during your yearly air conditioning service appointment, you should check it frequently. We recommend checking it every month or according to the manufacturer’s advice. How often it actually requires cleaning or replacement will bank on individual aspects in your home, like how much dust enters your home and whether or not you have pets.

If it’s time for your regular air conditioner service or if you have questions about air filters or another element of air conditioner maintenance, call Anderson Heating & A/C today at 775-230-7628. 

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